Monday, September 9, 2013

Lady Diana's death was not accidental? (Photo News)

Lady Diana's death was not accidental? (Photo News)1

Princess Diana's last hours spent with her ​​boyfriend, Dodi Fayed. The couple had a secret relationship, was photographed sitting in the back seat of a Mercedes, when Diana with Egyptian billionaire, leaving the Ritz hotel in Paris.Por what happened after two minutes car ride?

16 years after the death of Lady Diana Princess of England, an English journalist has brought a new version of the event, raising suspicions that the driver with which Diana was traveling struck by an agent of the Special Forces (SAS Special Air Service).
 2"Since the death of Diana at age 36 I have investigated events. I spoke to eye witnesses, the French police, British intelligence officers, friends of Diana and Dodi. I have interviewed the parents of driver Henri Paul who told me that their son was not an ordinary drinker. Many of the respondents believe that Diana's death was not accidental. "Reid said.

Referring to its investigations, the journalist writes that the investigation showed that the paparazzi who followed Diana supposedly were in the tunnel where the accident happened.
"Reporters found that motorcycles during the time he spent in the tunnel Mercedes Diana was not the paparazzi" following it further. According to her version motorrrin car that followed may have been two people, one of whom may have fired at the car driver or to divert its direction. Witnesses say that the tunnel where the accident occurred was not just paparazzi who were pursuing Diana. It was discovered that there was an engine and black, very strongly that belongs to no paparazzi. Numerous witnesses have indicated that the accident was caused precisely by the engine driver and the person who was with him.

Many investigations in this event include the shadow of SAS as well as two members of the British intelligence service MI6. Doubts about their involvement become more reliable, given that once Diana was divorced from Prince Charles, and it was a "thorn" for the Royal Family, although its relationship with Dodin had only six weeks to have started.
Ledy Diana died in a car accident on August 31, 1997 along with her ​​boyfriend Dodi Fayed.