Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Jack O’Lantern King and his Scarecrow Minions

Halloween Jack O’Lantern King and his Scarecrow Minions

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For the last few years I’ve been putting up a Jack O’Lantern scarecrow field in my yard, lorded over by a very large Scarecrow King. Each pumpkin is a reusable Funkin that I carve myself. They all have individual flickering LEDs inside that I wired and hooked to a central timer and power source.make_halloweenbadgeV2 (1)
The pumpkins are held up by garden stakes, which sway in a pleasantly creepy way with a light breeze and are lit by color changing LED spot lights. For Halloween night, I’ll be turning on myUltimate Fog Chiller and adding some motion triggered audio using my Hauntbox. I add a few more pumpkins every year, and hope to make it even more interactive and spooky next Halloween. Let me know what you think.
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