Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jaimie and the Giant Robot

Jaimie and the Giant Robot

Jaimie Mantzel with his giant robot

Jaimie Mantzel with his giant robot
I’ve mentioned Jaimie Mantzel and his Giant Robot Project a couple of times before. He’s definitely a maker’s maker. If you’ve never heard of him, Jaimie is a guy who decided to make a giant six-legged walking robot on his mountain in Vermont. He has documented his efforts on his You Tube Channel, starting in 2007 with building a lumber mill to build a workshop to build the robot in. Thousands of people have followed Jaimie as he worked on his robot, along the way building tools and scrounging supplies to complete it.
A couple of years ago, Sean Ceasar and his friend Chris visited Jaimie and filmed a short documentary for a class he was taking. Just this past August, Jaimie successfully test drove his robot. Sean and Chris returned to film more about Jaimie, his amazing geodesic dome house, his family and his robot.
They would like to produce a 20 to 40 minute film on Jaimie’s inspiring life. Their Kickstarter campaign, ROBOT MAN: The Story of Jaimie Mantzel is intended to fund the post-production and film festival entry fees to get this amazing story out for people to see.
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