Friday, October 25, 2013

MAKE is Looking for a Few Good Vehicle Makers

MAKE is Looking for a Few Good Vehicle Makers

MAKE is partnering with an automotive company for a challenging and fun design contest, and we have a last-minute opportunity for a few good makers to get involved. Specifically, we’re looking for makers who have experience or interest in modifying vehicles — we want you to design and propose yourUltimate Maker Vehicle. Be you an individual, a hacker- or makerspace, or other type of organization that has an inclination for custom vehicles, we want to talk with you, and if you know someone who would be up to the task, please forward this call to them immediately.
The turnaround time is very soon, but there is a commission involved, with the possibility to win a larger purse prize.
Please send a brief bio about you or your group, including previous experience with vehicles or your general design expertise. Send your details to me directly at nicknormal [at] gmail [dot] com and someone from our team will respond to you ASAP. Please include images of previous work or links online to projects you have completed or collaborated on.
NOTE: You must be 18 or over to be considered for this opportunity.