Thursday, October 31, 2013

New in the Maker Shed: Bigshot Camera Kit

New in the Maker Shed: Bigshot Camera Kit

If you attended Maker Faire New York this year, you may have overheard Shree Nayar’s presentation about the Bigshot Camera Kit, or noticed it for sale in the Maker Shed tent. If you missed it, here’s your chance, because they are now available for immediate shipping in the Maker Shed online store.
The Bigshot camera was designed with education in mind. It’s a complete digital camera that you assemble yourself, learning how it works along the way. The detailed descriptions, illustrations, and demonstrations teach you the fundamental concepts of optics, mechanics, electromagnetism, electronics and image processing as you build the camera. Once complete, the camera allows you to tap into your potential as a photographer. You’ll learn how to compose shots, experiment with lighting, framing, motion, and how to use the polyoptic wheel to explore new creative views – including 3D. After your pictures are taken, use the free Bigshot software (PC and Mac versions available) to download, process, and share your images with the world.
Using Bigshot 2
Although the Bigshot was designed for young makers, it’s just as much fun for adults. It’s also green in that it requires no batteries or external power. Just wind the integrated crank when your batteries get low and keep taking pictures!
More details and tech specs for the BigShot Camera Kit can be found in theMaker Shed.