Tuesday, October 1, 2013

‘Will NSA quit spying on us now?’ US govt-shutdown comedy spreads

‘Will NSA quit spying on us now?’ US govt-shutdown comedy spreadsimage from http://washingtonexaminer.comIn times of budget trouble, Americans resort to comedy, with memes and tweets slamming both political camps and accompanying that with appropriately-themed sexual pickup lines and a musical soundtrack fit for a fiscal crisis.

The #govtshutdown Twitter tag came alive with plenty of opinions on just how little some Americans thought of the benefits of a federal government even before the shutdown. Others spoke out in support and against the current administration.

Whereas #govtshutdownpickuplines displayed Twitter users’ wit in scoring sexual encounters by using budget-crisis lingo. 
Not too far behind in popularity was the #govtshutdownplaylist, featuring pop classics to accompany the financial turmoil. 
And just as humor denouncing the government, the Congress and the Republicans kept sprouting up, so did articles attempting to debunk and fact-check the ‘myths’ perpetrated by the opposing camp.

The Atlantic Wire’s notable attempt [hyperlink] at offering ‘joke versus reality’ interpretations of every satirical stab directed at President Barack Obama is one example.

Particular attention here can be given to the popular quip that shutting down the government means less money spent on NSA spying and less taxpayer money being wasted generally. Not so – the author of the article points out – as the clandestine organization’s spying initiative falls under the category of ‘essential government service’, which will keep it running; and secondly,  that Congress’s unwillingness to settle with the president will cost the taxpayer much more than wasteful government spending – the shutdown is predicted to set the nation back hundreds of millions.

But a large portion of the pictures were non-partisan and reflected the American public’s discontent with their government in general – both the parties and the Congress.

RT offers a small selection of the latest from the world of US-government-shutdown funnies.