You might think 3D printers are only good for making your own bootleg action figures, but there's a far more practical use for them: building robotic limbs for kids who would otherwise have a pretty tough time of it.P
That's what a group called Robohand does. They use 3D printers to build the parts necessary to construct robotic fingers, hands and even arms for those without the natural equivalent.P
While the tech for this stuff has existed for a while, it's normally the domain of the very lucky and/or wealthy, since as you can imagine, robot limbs are expensive. Or, were expensive, because the whole idea of Robohand is that by building their own parts they can make the process "functional, safe and cost effective".P
Some of Robohand's customers have been adults, but most have been kids, kids who now not only have a chance at a more hassle-free life, but are now 100% more badass while doing it.P
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